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World Thinking Day Celebration

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

On February 27th , Saturday, Syracuse Northeast Community Center organized a World Thinking Day Celebration for the girl scouts and asked us to create a cooking class for 65 kids. With that many kids, we had to divide the event into three sessions each of which had 20 students.

They made the crushed cookies dessert known as mosaic balls with the guidance of Suheyla Hayali and Ayşegül Koçak. After they prepared the batter of the dessert with crushed cookies, milk and cocoa, they shaped them as small balls and decorated them with frosting and strawberries.

And finally, they ate the products of their possibly first cooking experience with enthusiasm. The girls who watched the cooking class with amazement looked so cheerful and content with what they made that even their moms’ sentences ‘But you dont like cocoa…’, Oh, I thought you hated nuts’ could not stop them. Following the event, Sarah Walton, Deputy Director of Operations of Northeast Community Center declared that the parents found the activity very educative and fun for both the parents and the kids.


World-Thinking-Day-Celebration (1)
World-Thinking-Day-Celebration (2)
World-Thinking-Day-Celebration (3)
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