Turkish Cooking Classes / Traditional Preserves

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

At the Turkish Cultural Center Cooking Classes, everyone is situated at their own cutting board/chef’s knife station around a large work table that accommodates the whole class.

We work together as a group, with the chef at the head of the table.

Naturally free of anything artificial, gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, and nuts.

The class will start by having Turkish Lentil Soup with whole grain bread, and some preserves prepared weeks ago. Turkish tea also will be served.

You will learn how to make preserves, compotes, and jams.

Each guest will go home with:

2 jars of pickled vegetables,

1 jar of fruit jam

1 jar of fruit compote.

We hope to see you 🙂

Class level: Beginner                             

Average Class Size: 10                                  

Age requirements: 13 and older                  

Date and time; Saturday / 1 pm to 3 pm   

Price: $40 per person




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