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Thanksgiving Dinner in Staten Island

On November 21nd, Saturday, We got together with our neighbors for Thanksgiving Dinner at Turkish Cultural Center in Staten Island. This was a great beginning to rise above our differences and to foster strong and long lasting friendships. Our neighbors and their guests enjoyed the oven cooked turkeys along with food prepared by volunteer ladies at our center.

Dinner started with the welcome speech followed by an introduction video about Turkish Cultural Centers. Then our guest speaker Mr. Sayar gave his speech on “Many reasons to give thank”. Finally turkey was served. Rice, mashed potato, green beans, stuffed pepper, stuffed dried eggplant, grape leaves were also available. As dessert we had baklava, semolina dessert, Noah’s pudding and milky pudding and we served Turkish tea at the end.

Meanwhile kids enjoyed game room, and some other kids enjoyed a movie while their parents were having dinner. One of the guests, Marie said; “It was absolutely a lovely event. Thank you for various thanksgiving treats and turkey, it was a nice evening.”and another guest, Bob said; “I am just so happy that we get together at the center. It united community and I just hope it grows on and on. Thank you”

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