TCCSI Kids Academy Organizes Seereah Fair

The Seerah Fairs are becoming an annual program at TCCSI. This was the second Seerah Fair organized by TCCSI weekend school students in partnership with NEICC (North East Islamic Community Center) on February 13, 2016 at our center.

Kids who are willing to participate in this fair choose, planned and projected a topic from the history.Project owners presented their work and details in their projects and each project was questioned by the guests.

Program started with light refreshments followed by welcome speech and introduction. After presentations the program is finalized with award ceremony for the winners.

One of the parent said “This program has a few different aspect for kids. First they learn things that’s very difficult by just reading. And they repeat what they learnt during the fair several times. Secondly, by presenting what they projected, they develop self confidence and they overcome the fear of public speaking.”

More details are available at our facebook.com/TCCStatenIsland page.

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