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TCCQ Ifar with NYPD Community Affairs Officers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

One of the last Iftar dinners held at TCCQ was for the Community Affairs Officers of NYPD Queens North Precincts including Captain Travaglia, PO Diaz and PO Torres from the 108th. precinct which is where TCCQ is located. There were also had officers from 104th., 111th., 112th., 114th. and 115th. Precincts These Officers are the ones who listen to the concerns of the general public and work closely with them to resolve problems within the Community.

Also present were Sgt. Timothy Everoski and Detective Juan Toro from Queens Borough Patrol North who spoke briefly about the work of the Community Affairs Bureau and the importance of fostering lasting relationships with different communities within the Borough.

PBQN Chief Diana Pizzuti stopped by briefly, to thank TCCQ for hosting the Community Affairs Officers and spent some time talking to some visitors from Turkey and to some of the volunteers at the Center who are currently tutoring young students at the TCCQ Summer Camp/School.

To all our Community Affairs Officers and to all Police Officers city wide… We Thank You For Your Service.

TCCQ-Ifar-with-NYPD (1)
TCCQ-Ifar-with-NYPD (2)
TCCQ-Ifar-with-NYPD (8)


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