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TCC Westchester Attends 5th Annual Turkic American Convention

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The Turkish Cultural Center Westchester attended 5th annual Turkic American Convention in Washington, D.C., on March 17-18. The event organized by The Turkic American Alliance (TAA), the largest national Turkic organization in the US. The TAA is also the umbrella organization of Turkish Cultural Centers.

Over 15 countries were represented at the event, which attracted members of the academia, various NGOs, business people, elected officials and many other distinguished guests. Over 100 people attended the event in packed room.

Speaking at a press conference, Faruk Taban, the president of the TAA, which represents six regional federations and over 200 community associations, cultural centers, business associations and educational institutions in the US, said the major themes at the convention this year will be issues regarding energy, trade and innovation. Taban said the organization aims to bolster cooperation between the US and the Turkic republics in the field of energy.

Noting that the US has a keen interest in the energy resources of Central Asia, Taban said the TAA aims to bring the issue to the table for discussions over what can be done in the face of the fact that Russia and China are also eying the resources in the region. US-Turkish relations and to explore opportunities in the field of energy and trade in Turkey.

After the gala, Sakir Keskin, Executive Director of TCC Westchester, along with executive directors from other branches, have visited Congressman Eliot Angel and Congresswoman Nita Lowey in their offices.




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