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TCC Syracuse Weekend School Graduation Ceremony

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The Turkish Cultural Center Syracuse 2014-2015 weekend school graduation ceremony was held at Palace Theatre on Sunday. The children showed their accomplishments by reciting prayers, poems, performing karate show, and Turkish Folk Dance.

Guest speaker Sevki Unal thanked each and every one of the teachers who worked so hard for the education of the students. He said that these kids are our future generations it’s very important for them to get a good education and lesson and I see that today it is accomplished. Students also received many awards in different categories.

The graduation ceremony ended with all the Weekend School Students receiving their certificate of completion after a long but fun course period from their teachers and a clown show at the end.

TCC-Syracuse-Weekend-School-Graduation (1)
TCC-Syracuse-Weekend-School-Graduation (2)

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