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Syracuse Community Opened a Water Well in Kenya

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

TCC Syracuse volunteers collected donations of $4.500 to fund a water well in Kenya. Embrace Relief’s Water Well campaign became a reason for our volunteers to help those in need in Africa. Those volunteers are now working on a second water well to be opened in Kenya and they need only $1500 more to complete the project. If you would like to support this project, you may use the link below.

Upon completion the well, a certificate, a map to the location of the Water Well and media (image or video) is sent to our volunteers who donated. You may find the video at the link below.

Again, thank you all for support and a special thank you to our volunteers.

Syracuse-Community-Opened-a-Water-Well-in-Kenya (1)
Syracuse-Community-Opened-a-Water-Well-in-Kenya (2)
Syracuse-Community-Opened-a-Water-Well-in-Kenya (3)
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