Selam: Bahara Yolculuk/ Journey to the Spring

TCCQ recently organized the screening of another Turkish Film at United Artists Kaufman Astoria Cinema. Newly released in March of this year, Selam: Bahara Yolculuk/ Journey to the Spring, is based on a true story and follows a young teacher from Turkey who travels to Kyrgyzstan to establish a school there with the aim of educating the local children of a small village.

The movie tells of the trials and obstacles he faced during his effort, and the impact the project had on his own personal and family life, but sheer dedication and faith drove him forward in the hope that this school would provide much needed opportunities for, not just the young people of the region, but for the older generations as well. It is a beautifully filmed, powerful, heart-wrenching movie which touches on the lives of many people, and shows how the dedication of one man can change the lives of many.

There was a slight hiccup with the english subtitles not showing during this screening, but according to one viewer who does not speak Turkish… “the nature of the movie was such, that one did not really need to understand the words, to be touched by the visual and emotional content portrayed on the screen”.

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