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Sacred Stories in Islam and Judaism

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Turkish Cultural Center-Syracuse, in collaboration with Temple Concord and North Islamic Community Center held the event called ‘Sacred Stories in Islam and Judaism’ on August 26, 2015. Two story tellers, Jim Brule from Temple Concord and Prof. Elliott Bazzano from LeMoyne College told the story of Prophet Abraham and the idols from Jewish and Islamic tradition.

The event was held at Temple Concord near Syracuse University welcoming more than 40 guests from diverse religious background.

Beth Broadway from Interfaith Works of Central New York moderated the story telling event mentioning that organizing interfaith gatherings builds hope for Syracuse community. Jim Brule started the interactive conversation by explaining the role of Prophet Abraham within Jewish faith. He said that the story of Abraham and idols actually appears in Midrash not in Torah.

Prof. Bazzano also explained the story in Islamic tradition and the conversation went on while the guests were pointing out the similarities and differences. The event ended wishing to have a longer event at Turkish Cultural Center on October 2015. Guests enjoyed a tour of the temple by Jim Brule and refreshments including Turkish delight.

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