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Ramadan in Long Island continues to bring different faiths together

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

In Muslim Faith Iftar is known to bring people together in peace and harmony in friendly atmosphere. Iftar dinner tables are ways to bring together people from different faith with different backgrounds. Pursuing this goal, Turkish Cultural Center Long Island and the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow jointly organized an iftar dinner that brought together many guest from all over long island.

Program started with a short introductory video about Turkey and continued with another video that talks about Ramadan and its importance to Muslims around the world. Representatives from both organizations gave small talk about friendship. In his speech President of Turkish Cultural Center Long Island Sadri Altinok talked about sister organizations of Turkish Cultural Centers such as North East Islamic Community Center (NEICC) , Peace Island Institute (PII), Helping Hands Foundation and their accomplishment around the world. He continued his words by saying that these organizations are not only for Turkish community; they are open for all American friends as well to join to help people in need.

The speaker for the church Reverend Joanne Barrett said they would be honored to be part of the help and relief organizations. Also reverend Barrett talked about her amazing experience in traveling to Turkey with a group of people; friends of Turkish Cultural Center Long Island and how she was pleased with all the lovely and helpful people of Turkey. She ended her words by saying that she hopes to see the continuation of these types of joint programs in the years ahead. Program ended with prayers for all humanity around world.


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