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Ramadan Friendship Dinners at TCC Albany

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Turkish Cultural Center Albany (TCCA) is devoted to promoting peace and understanding among people from diverse cultural backgrounds in New York’s Capital Region.

Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, developing self-control and kindness, a time of comprehensive thanksgiving and charity. It’s a time of training oneself to become a better person spiritually and improving relationships with family, friends and neighbors.

In this regard, during the month of Ramadan, the members and volunteers of TCCA is organizing Ramadan Friendship dinners at our center and different venues such as worship places of friends of other faiths and community centers. Turkish American families also open their homes for friends and neighbors to share Ramadan Dinner with them.

On July 9th, Turkish Cultural Center Albany in collaboration with the Interfaith Center, organized an Interfaith Program and Dinner where speakers from 5 different faiths talked about their religious stance on helping others in need. Nonperishable canned food items were collected and donated to a local homeless shelter. The dinner was very well attended. About a hundred guests enjoyed delicious Turkish food prepared and sponsored by Alaturco Mediterranean Grill in Ballston SPA.

On every weekend, during the month of Ramadan, every year, Turkish Cultural Center Albany offers free Ramadan Dinners at sun-set time for visitors. These dinners are sponsored and prepared by Turkish Families living in the Capital District.

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