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Panel on African American Civil Rights Movement & Hizmet Movement

On February 6th, 2016, TCC Staten Island hosted a panel on African American Civil Rights Movement(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) & Hizmet Movement ( Fethullah Gulen ).

We had two guest speakers. Dr. Demetrius Carolina, executor director of Central Family Life Center in Staten Island and Ibrahim Sayar, director of the Center for Interfaith affairs at Peace Islands Institute. Dr. Carolina started the panel with background and chronological details for key points in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s life and reflections of these actions to its time. On the other side Mr. Sayar mostly mentioned about the similarities of these two peace leaders and their movements.

Also peace promoting many similar quotes are shared from both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Fethullah Gulen.

The last part of the panel became a question answer sessions. The speakers addressed the questions came from the audience.


Panel-on-African-American-Civil-Rights-Movement (1)
Panel-on-African-American-Civil-Rights-Movement (2)
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