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Law Enforcement Appreciation and Awards Reception 2015

The Turkish Cultural Center Queens held the 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation and Awards Reception recently in Flushing Town Hall to applaud all members of Law Enforcement in the Borough of Queens. Although the event was held in honor of every person involved in all aspects of Law enforcement and our legal system, there were a few people who were presented with awards on the evening. Citations from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz were also presented to the award recipients;

NYPD P.O. Onur Cumur from the 104th. Pct. – For rapidly apprehending and arresting the perpetrator who threatened the life of a young girl during a robbery.

NYPD Detective Meghan Kinsella from the 108th Pct. and Detective Steven Stefanakos from ESU, Truck 10 – For their selfless efforts to preserve the life of a person in emotional distress, bringing her to safety and ensuring that she received the necessary aftercare.

Chief David Barrere – NYPD Patrol Borough Queens South – For his years of impeccable service and continuing to be an inspiration to the officers under his command.

Mariela Herring (Bureau Chief Assistant District Attorney) – For her part in creating the QDA Youth Division Program that offers Court involved youths an alternative to incarceration by providing services designed to help them lead a productive life.

Guests on the evening included Executive Assistant District Attorney Jesse Sligh, Chief Diana Pizzuti of NYPD Patrol Borough Queens North, Deputy Queens Borough President Melva Miller, Commanding Officers and Community Affairs Officers from all the Queens Precincts, Supreme Court Justices.

It was a truly wonderful, warm and friendly event at which the guests mingled and got to know each other and everyone enjoyed the buffet of delicious Turkish food and there were even a few “to go plates” made up for some of the guests.

In the words of Oguzhan Turan, during his opening speech; This evening, we are here to honor all of you…. not just our Award Recipients…. we applaud every one of you here today, for doing the job you do, for being our protectors and our enforcers…. For those of you who lay your life on the line…. every time you put on your uniform, pin on your badge, and holster your weapon, to keep us safe – we thank you. For those of you who bring the bad guys to justice, and do the best you can to see that those who need help are helped, and for keeping us safe – we thank you. For those of you who have the responsibility of sitting in judgement and making the crucial and often difficult decisions which in turn, keep us safe – we thank you.

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