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Interfaith Dinner & Discussion

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

In order to share traditions and comprehend what we have in common, Central Queens YM, the Reform Temple of Forest Hills and Turkish Cultural Center Queens organized an eloquent program of Interfaith Sukkah Dinner & Discussion on October 1, 2015.

The program began with Rabbi Mark Kaiserman’s welcoming remarks. In addition, Peggy Kurtz from Central Queens YM & YWHA expressed her gratitude to attendees. The goal of this program was to address how the Central Queens YM, Reform Temple of Forest Hills and Turkish Cultural Center Queens have a lot of things in common. Central Queens YM is trying to sustain and enhance the quality of family and individual life for all members of the community, regardless of religion, ethnic or cultural background, within a pervasive and inclusive environment that facilitates individual growth, meets individual needs and builds community. In addition, the Reform Temple of Forest Hills is dedicated to provide services to the community to help people learn, educate in spirituality and outreach. Likewise, the Turkish Cultural Center devoted to promote harmony in diverse cultural setting in the United States. Building, increasing and/or fostering a strong and lasting friendship by promoting a better understanding that is based on mutual respect between the individuals of the United States of America.

Interfaith dinners & discussions are a decent sample of recognizing, understanding and accepting one another, irrespective of their ethnic, religion or cultural background. Thus, during this evening, folks began to communicate with one another in order to find out what they have not known previously. Overall, people were delighted to network with one another and learn more about other’s traditions.

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