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Interfaith Breakfast at TCC with The Fountain

Turkish Cultural Center of Staten Island, hosted on Tuesday (January 19, 2016) a friendship breakfast with leaders of diverse faith groups in New York City, as a part of a weekly interfaith gatherings organized by group of interfaith leaders since 2005.

Participants were Fr Liam Tomás O’Doherty of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Rabbi Dr. Judah Newberger of Congregation Bnai Israel of Staten Island, The Rev. Ben Bortin of Unitarin Church, Rev. George D. McClain of The People of the United Methodist Church, and Hakan Yesilova of the Fountain magazine. Conversations were mainly inspired from the latest issue of The Fountain which covered extensive content on how Islam has been victimized by extremists and what can be done to prevent misunderstandings caused by misrepresentations. In addition to theological perspectives, recent developments in the Middle East and Turkey have also been discussed.

This weekly interfaith gathering aims to foster peaceful understanding among Abrahamic faith traditions and to raise awareness of dialogue among diverse communities.

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