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Health Day at Turkısh Cultural Center Brooklyn

Often times individuals will postpone going to the doctor until they are actually sick or in pain, sometimes this is because they lack health insurance. Therefore, Turkish Cultural Center Brooklyn wanted to create awareness for health and well being for throughout the Turkish-American community. We wanted to emphasize on how important it is to stay healthy and keep up with your well being no matter what your age.

You never know what you may face, it is essential to go to the doctor for checks ups and always remain well maintained. This is easier when you have access to health insurance. So the TCC Brooklyn invited a representative from United Healthcare to give a brief presentation and discuss the health benefits that they provide in New York State. After individually meeting and sitting down with students and community members they went through a series of questions and forms. All of the attendees were able to sign up for health insurance with full benefits. We would like to thank United Healthcare for providing and offering services to the Turkish American community in Brooklyn.

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