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Full House For The First Cooking Class Of The Season

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The first cooking class of the Season kicked off with a full house on Wednesday Oct. 7th at TCCNY. We are very happy to be able to continue offering our very reasonably priced classes this year, due to the very generous sponsorship of Atlas Global. The Turkish Cooking class is more than just a cooking class, and different to a lot of the classes that are offered in the city. Our aim is to bring people together in a relaxed and friendly environment to enjoy good food and company, make new friends and learn new things, and what better way to do that, than to share a delicious home cooked meal… On the menu this month was: Ezogelin Soup; a deliciously hearty soup made with lentils, rice, bulgur, vermicelli and added seasonings and sauces. Red Lentil Patties; a very popular Turkish appetizer which was also very popular with the class participants, who ate every last one! Sweet Pumpkin Dessert; So many things you can do with pumpkin, but this dessert is completely scrumptious,and so perfect for the season! Bite sized pumpkin pieces cooked and glazed in its own juice with sugar, cloves and cinnamon.

Our classes will continue on the first Wednesday of every month and you can purchase tickets and register here:

Again, our thanks to Atlas Global for their generous sponsorship which help us keep these cooking classes the ‘best value for money’ classes in NYC

Full-House-For-The-First-Cooking-Class-Of-The-Season (7)
Full-House-For-The-First-Cooking-Class-Of-The-Season (1)
Full-House-For-The-First-Cooking-Class-Of-The-Season (6)
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