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Ebru Class at Turkish Cultural Center of Long Island

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Flick of the wrist. Splats and drips. Swirls and twirls. Clean and repeat. The mesmerizing art of Ebru entranced the Turkish Cultural Center of Long Island. Our teacher, Merve Karaca, shared some of the vast secrets of Ebru, the art of water marbling on Wednesday 6:30pm.

Using just her basin of specially prepared water, her natural dyes, and her brush she made beautiful artwork. From each stroke after another, our eyes could not look away. Not only did Ms.Karaca took our breath away but so did the students! One by one the students made their own Ebru art and each had their own unique spell. That evening everyone was pouring their thoughts onto the clean water and resonating the secrets of the Ebru.

Turkish-Cultural-Center-of-Long-Island (1)
Turkish-Cultural-Center-of-Long-Island (2)
Turkish-Cultural-Center-of-Long-Island (5)


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