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Coffee Night at Syracuse Turkish Center

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Turkish Center at Syracuse held usual Coffee Night event on November 19. The event’s featuring topic is Global Water Crisis around the world. The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Farhana Sultana, faculty of Maxwel School of Citizenship&Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

The event started with refreshments for the guests, following the talk by Dr. Sultana. She mentioned about the central issues with regard to water crisis around the world. She further noted that water accessibility around the world stands as a political conflict in many countries although every human being should be equal in accessing it. The given crisis is not limited to under-developed countries, contrary to what commonly believed, but extend to well-developed countries with respect to water service shutdown of citizens due to insufficient budget. In her speech, Dr. Farhana give instances around the world in emphasizing the fact that water crisis is not merely a humanitary act, but more about power war between borders of nations.

The event continued with short talk by Tim Saka, director of Syracuse Turkish Cultural Center, who presented social project by Embrace Relief Center, where they open water-wells in under-developed countries. He showed a short video of a water-well opening in Kenya through the donations in Syracuse community, and explained how such a small act changes the hundreds of people’s in African countries.

The guests were served Turkish Coffee at the end of the program.


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