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Coffe Night at TCC Syracuse “The Legacy Of Dr. King”

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“Turkish Cultural Center-Syracuse organized a special coffee night dedicated to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. The event was attended by the Turkish-American community and the broader Syracuse community.

Professor Mark Muhammad of Onondaga Community College was the keynote speaker at the event. Professor Muhammad thanked the Director of Turkish Cultural Center-Syracuse, Tim Saka, for his kind invitation and the audience for making the time to attend that night of commemoration and reflection.

Professor Muhammad highlighted the history of the nation’s recent past and the struggles of the American people to gain access to equal rights and how these struggles shaped the society we live in today. With due respect to Dr. King’s legacy, Professor Muhammad also reminded the audience that it was not a one man’s struggle, but it was the nation’s search for equality for all. At the end of his speech, he quoted Dr. King saying ‘the time is always right to do what is right’.

Professor Muhammad’s speech was followed by a slide show of the other inspiring quotes from Dr. King. During the event, members of the audience were treated to Turkish delicacies and strong Turkish coffee. Serving Turkish coffee to a diverse audience at that night of celebration of the nation’s civil rights gains was a strong reminder of how diversity is cherished in the United States.”

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