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Celebration of Noah’s Pudding & Early Thanksgiving

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

One of the most significant methods of developing strong and long-lasting friendship that is based on mutual esteem can be implied by gathering people together from all walks of life and through endorsing better understanding, which helps us to realize our commonalities. Celebration of Noah’s Pudding & Thanksgiving has become a traditional annual event for Turkish Cultural Center Queens (TCCQ).

This year, our celebration of Noah’s Pudding & Thanksgiving was held on Friday, November 20, 2015 at the TCCQ. The Executive Director of TCCQ started the program through a welcome speech where he expressed the significance of human values and stated why we need to be thankful to God for providing us all we need. Then, attendees began to eat their dinner by communicating with one another.

While people were finishing their meal, the Executive Director of TCCQ invited Mr. Ibrahim Sayar, the President of the North East Islamic Community Center (NEICC) and the Director of Interfaith Affairs of the Peace Islands Institute to express the history and the significance of the Noah’s Pudding and Thanksgiving. Mr. Sayar made people laugh by a telling different kind of stories about Thanksgiving where he specifically indicated why Americans named the animal Turkey, “Turkey.”

Then, 108th precinct’s captain Mr. John Travaglia was invited to express his thoughts for the night. Our captain said that they were very delighted to be part of this lovely environment and thanked Turkish Cultural Center Queens for serving the community and for being thoughtful about gathering people together to get to know each other. In addition, he also said that it is great for officers to attend these kinds of events to relax their mind.

Afterwards, Mrs. Peggy Kurtz from Central Queens YM & YWHA was invited to stage to express her feelings. Mrs. Peggy indicated that it has been a pleasure working with the Turkish Cultural Center where we adopt a dialogue and understand each other by sharing our traditions and therefore organizing mutual events. Conclusively, the program ended by enjoying the Noah’s Pudding and interacting with one another.


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