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A Sweet Eid Celebration for the Children of Syracuse

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Members of the Syracuse Turkish Community organized an Eid Celebration on the weekend. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, children participated in games and activities such as egg race or face painting. During the second day of the celebration, approximately 20 children came together to visit their friends’ house to celebrate this special day and to collect candies. It was a great experience for children in the USA. Melike Duz (6) said: “I was always wondering about this tradition after watching the cartoon called Niloya. It was one of my biggest dream”. Another participant said that Eid means to kiss elders’ hands, collect candies and money for him. Aysegul Koca, one of the volunteer leaders of the activity, said that it is a critical task to have our children to learn about our traditions.

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