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A Surprise Visit to TCC Westchester

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On Sunday February 22nd, Turkish Cultural Center Westchester hosted a very distinguished guest from Turkey. Zaman daily newspaper colomnist Ahmet Turan Alkan has visited TCCW for breakfast. Over 50 Turkish people attended the event.

After the delicious breakfast, the members gathered around to listen to his remarks about being a columnist in Turkey’s biggest newspaper. He talked about how he started writing for Zaman 20 years ago and how the paper evolved over the years.

While sharing his memories, he mentioned how hard sometimes to write because of the current political distress in the capital and upcoming elections. Mr. Turan also gave the remedy for heavy politiclal and social developments – many times discouraging – in Turkey suggesting that the members should read poets and literature to ease their minds

At the end of the event, members get to ask questions him. It was a very warm atmosphere and children joyfully played around. Everyone left with a smile on their face.


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