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11th Annual Ramadan Tent

The weekend of June 19th. 20th. and 21st. saw the 11th Annual Ramadan Tent celebration in Sunnyside, hosted by the Turkish Cultural Center, Queens. This has now become a much anticipated event, not just with Turkish Americans but with the people of the community at large. Thus was evident by the multitude of people who attended each evening – some even coming back on the second and third evening to reconnect with friends they had made the previous day. There were strangers, friends and families from all walks of life, cultures and faiths who came together to participate in this tradition of sharing the Iftar meal. While there was not an exact number counted, it is estimated that somewhere in the region of 3000 meals were served during the 3 day event. The people attending were not only treated to wonderful food and company, they also heard some beautiful traditional Sufi music from Amir Vahab and his group, and a rare Whirling Dervishes performance.

There were also religious leaders and representatives from practically every faith present, proving once again, that there is a strong and ever growing solidarity of faiths, not only in our neighborhood, but throughout the City. At a time in history when, unfortunately, so much emphasis is placed on the negative aspects of religious and cultural differences worldwide, it was so wonderful and reassuring to be a part of, and to share with fellow human beings, this celebration of peace, friendship, sharing, tolerance and togetherness.

Thank you to the volunteers, had been fasting all day, but still served food to attendees before eating themselves.

We wish to extend a special “Thank You” to all our sponsors, without whom, this event would not be possible.

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