Mission and Vision


Turkish Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable, cultural, educational non profit organization dedicated to promote harmony in diverse cultural setting in the United States. Building, increasing and/or fostering a strong and lasting friendship by promoting a better understanding that is based on mutual respect between the individuals of the United States of America and those of Turkish background and/or origin. Introducing, promoting and informing the people in the United States with the Turkish history and culture by bringing people together in an open dialog.


In a modern world where even the farthest point is within an arm’s reach, it is impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. This diversity, rather than a difference is now appreciated by the people who think that we can live in a world where people do have much more in common then separates them. In order for everyone to live peacefully together it is important for individuals to rise above differences that drive us apart or against each other. Adopting the dialogue and understanding Turkish Cultural Center aims to introduce commonalities and foster friendships between these two nations by setting up platforms where cultures express themselves.

Turkish Cultural Center Organizes

Friendship Dinners

Annual friendship dinners are organized by local centers to bring together the community leaders, elected officials, NGO’s, clergies, academicians, and the people to foster mutual understanding, respect and love. The Friendship dinners include a keynote speech on the topic of the year like “poverty and hunger, peace building, the role of education in social justice”, dinner, video presentation, art exhibition about the theme and award ceremony.

Cultural Nights

The Cultural Nights take place every month to bring attention to the historical milestones, customs, traditions of Turkish culture. TCC staff and volunteers are able to express their unique culture through Turkish cousin, Turkish Coffee, Turkish baklava, folk dance, spoken word, skits, and other creative media. Some of the cultural nights are as follows: Turkish Coffee Nights, Henna Nights, Turkish Manti  Nights, Hajivat Karagoz Nights, etc.

Turkish Classes

The Turkish Cultural Center offers a well designed curriculum of 8 levels from beginner to advanced. Each term lasts12 weeks, and students improve all basic learning skills, including: Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary, Listening, Writing and Pronunciation. In our classes, you will experience Turkish hospitality. You can relax and unwind after a long day of work in our comfortable, personalized classes. As our main course material our experienced teachers use Acilim Turkce, a special edition for adult and young adult learners that offers an integrated standard-based and grammar-based approach to language learning.

Luncheon Forums

Serve as a platform for educational, cultural and non-political forums to exchange ideas and discuss vital issues. Distinguished speakers are invited to share viewpoints and experiences on any important issues that concern the society.

Turkish Festivals

The Turkish Americans organize annual Turkish Festival in NY. The festival includes Turkish folk dances, Turkish food, the cultural heritage of Anatolia, art exhibitions, traditional handcrafts, playgrounds for children, oil wrestling, Turkish music & Celebrities from Turkey.

Family Matching

Family Matching Project (FMP) is a grass root project initiated by TCC. Members of Turkish American community invite people of different faiths and cultures to a dinner party at their homes. The aim of the project is to improve the interactions among various communities with different ethnical backgrounds by bringing the families together. FMP kindles long lasting friendships.

Book Signing & Discussion

This program brings the authors and readers to discuss the published books of a writer. Book discussion feature publications that present genuine work and contributions to diversity and intercultural understanding in the American society. Each program begins with a 20-minute reading from the book by the author followed by a Q&A session.

Award Ceremony

TCC Awards publicly recognize the outstanding achievements of those who have distinguished themselves in their profession and service to humanity in US. The awards are based on a variety of criteria and given in different areas including community service, education, leadership, philanthropy, etc.

Ambassador’s Series

Distinguished ambassadors from different countries like Italy, Spain, Canada, Norway, Turkey are invited to share their perspectives, experiences and profession on any important issues like the Arab spring and its outcome in Middle East, How can the Global economy contribute to Global peace?

Conferences & Panels

The main goal of the conferences and panels is to bring together the academicians from all over the US, and provide a forum for exchange of ideas in a number of related fields that interact. We try to bring people from different fields, and to create a setting in which they can interact synergistically and discuss the social problems and issues about US and Turkey like constitutionalism in Turkey and US or 9/11 and its impact on international elations.

Friendship Gatherings

Friendship Gatherings aim to break down the barriers between our communities by visiting local churches, synagogues, and community centers. With the support of Turkish-American families, TCC serves homemade Turkish food at these events to create an informal and friendly atmosphere for open minded, candid discussions.

Abraham’s Tables

Abraham’s Table Luncheons are venues where speakers from three Abrahamic religions discuss and explore commonalities and differences about different social issues like hate crimes, the status of women in religions, prayer, green faith, the birth and descention of Jesus Christ or the role of religions in peace building.

Turkey Trips

Are organized to introduce the culture, heritage and the beauty of Turkey to our friends from different walks of life with a vision of building a cultural bridge of love between two society by bringing the individuals from different ethnic backgrounds with the opportunity to speak each other, sharing the meals at family gatherings and tasting the culture & heritage of Anatolia. We firmly believe that without sharing, tasting, feeling something together we cannot be sincere fellows. Taste the outstanding hospitality of Turkish people by visiting Turkey.

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